Sit Back.

Let Us Tell You Our Story.

It all started like this . . .

What does one dude get another dude who is in the hospital without it being awkward?

That was the question that one computer systems engineer thought as he sat in his cubicle. When one of his coworkers nearly died and was hospitalized, he wanted to get him something. What do you get for someone who is sick? Flowers, right? Sure, but when that “someone” drives a Challenger he modified himself and is part of the local Mopar club, one dude getting another dude flowers would be just . . . well, a little strange.

As he pondered, he leaned back in his chair and saw a bag of beef jerky sitting on a nearby desk, and a light came on in his head. Jerky flowers. He could totally make flowers out of beef jerky. After a run to several stores and a few hours of time, the first Broquet was born.

A year later and with the help of an awesome graphic designer, skilled web developer, masterful photographer, and dozens of friends and family members, Say It With Beef became a reality. If you’re looking for a unique, romantic gift, need to send a non-awkward yet bold treat, or are just hungry, we’re here to provide you with delicious floral arrangements made of 100% high-quality beef jerky.

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