Say It With Beef Is In Trouble

For those of you who are short on time, I’ll give you the quick story, and the two expandable sections below will provide all of the details. I’m not asking for you to buy anything – seriously. Please read this if you have the time. Other than that, SHARE THIS PAGE. Share the CRAP out of it. If you know of an investigative journalist, let me know. Post this on Reddit, Facebook, etc. Just share it.

What's This All About?

Curious how Say It With Beef went from the dream of a IT security engineer who was living in his car to a becoming a viral sensation? Interested in the deep, dark secrets of how to commit review fraud online and how an unscrupulous fellow Eagle Scout used them just to make a quick buck? Step this way, my friends – your journey is about to begin . . .

How Say It With Beef Was Born

Enter Manly Man Co

Let The Fraud Begin

Catch Me If You Can – Jerky Style

Reviews: More Fake Than Dolly Parton’s . . . Yeah

Dishonorably Destroying a Fellow Eagle Scout

Bigger Than Beef

How Can I Help?

In each section below, I have pre-written material that you can copy and paste into the submission forms for each company, organization, or person. It’s pretty simple. If you have contacts whom you think could help (an insider, someone in the media, a rich uncle, etc), contact me via the final section.

Contact Google

Contact Shopify

Contact Facebook

Contact the California Attorney General

Contact the FTC

Contact the Canadian Competition Bureau

Contact Congress

Leave Us A Review

Know a Lawyer, Marketing Agency, Investor, an Insider at Google, Someone in the Media, or Have Other Ways To Help?

I have a competitor, Manly Man Co. Some of you may have thought that we’re the same company. We’re not. Lately, he’s been creating loads of fake reviews on his site. As a result, he’s beating me in Google rankings for all key search terms. I’ve lost a lot of sales and spent a bunch of money trying to fight him with ads, but that money is almost gone, and if nothing changes, I may go out of business. What he’s doing is illegal, and I’ve tried contacting Google, Shopify, Facebook, and even my Congressman, but I’m just one company with four employees. No one cares.

They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I need you to SQUEAK. That’s why I put together this page to make it dead-simple for you to email, call, or write letters to the people and companies below. I even put together pre-written letters so you can just copy, paste, and send. It doesn’t get much more simple than that.

Please consider helping out. If it takes 15 minutes, I’d be surprised. This issue isn’t just hurting me – it’s hurting any other small company that tries to play by the rules.

Beyond contacting the people and companies in the section above, these are the biggest things you can do to help:

  • Google my keywords (jerky flowers, beef jerky flowers, jerky rose bouquet, etc.) and click on my result. DON’T click on my ads – the ones at the very top with the green [Ad] box next to them. That costs me money.
  • If you work in the marketing industry, know someone who does, or know of an influencer who might be willing to feature my products, please contact me.
  • If you are interested in partnering with me to take Say It With Beef to the next level or know someone who might, let’s chat. I’ve not given up yet, and I believe there’s still plenty of hope left for my company.

Thank you again for your help and your support of my business. I hope we’ll still be around the next time you need a way to Say It With Beef to someone special in your life.

Andrew Summers
Owner and Lead Carniflorist

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